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A selection of my articles that have been published online in a variety of journals and websites. The links below will take you directly to the relevant websites.

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Presentation Slides

A blog post featuring the slides from the Catholic Womanhood talk given at the 2023 Summer Festival for Youth 2000.

The audio for the talk is available on the Risking Enchantment podcast

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Video by Irish Dominicans


Ignite 2020 was a free online Catholic Evangelisation conference to inspire attendees to realise the beauty and depth of the Catholic faith. With speakers including Fr. Mike Schmitz and Scott Hahn.

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Published by Called to More


"We have endured his Crucifixion but not yet arrived at his Resurrection; it is a day of uncertainty... filled with “a deafening silence and a distressing void”


Published by Called to More


"Society is full of people denying present pleasures in order to achieve greater goals. Whether it’s trying to look good in a swimsuit or prevent climate change, it isn't uncommon."


Forgetting to enjoy our culture’s fruits

Published by The Irish Catholic


"In 2015 Pope Benedict XVI wrote the following reflection: “In no other cultural sphere is there a music of equal greatness than of that born in the realm of the Christian Faith."



Charging up your spiritual batteries

Published by The Irish Catholic


"From parish pulpits to Vatican synods, there are endless calls to reach out to the young demographic that seems more and more to be moving away from the Church and from their faith."

Irish Papal Mass.jpg

Finding Humility at the Papal Mass

Published on Dappled Things


"The Church is full of people who do great harm to Christ and His followers. We do not have the luxury of only being associated with good and upright people."

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